Martial arts is widely recognised as being one of the most positive influences in a child’s character development. It not only gives them the physical attributes and mental awareness to deal with the situations affecting their own personal safety, but also encourages the child’s positive thinking and confidence, and inspires them to be unafraid to expand their involvement in other activities outside the centre.

Through our character development, we aim to develop the child’s life skills and continually enforce the importance of respect not only for their friends and family but also for themselves.


The whole philosophy of martial arts is designed to bring out the child’s full potential and help them realise the rewards from hard work and perseverance; giving the child a sense of tremendous personal achievement and confidence to excel.

The Eclipse centre offers classes for children from 4 to 6 years known as the Little Ninjas program and children between 7 to 11 years old. For more information on the new beginners class please contact the centre and if required arrange a suitable time to visit us.

We hope to see you soon to enable us to demonstrate what we at The Eclipse Academy have to offer. For more information about the different classes offered please refer to the relevant section.

Class Times: Mondays 5:30, Tuesdays 5:30, Wednesdays 4:30 & 5:30, Thursdays 5:30, Fridays Beginners 6:20, Saturdays 10:15, Sundays Beginners 10:00. Please contact us and we can direct you to the most suitable class

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