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Little Ninjas

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The Little Ninja program is a twice weekly martial arts class designed for 4,5 and 6 year olds which aims to enhance positive development in a fun and motivating way. The program developes the following 8 skills


Each skill is developed through instruction of specialised drills which appear as games. From lesson one of the Little Ninja Program, discipline is enforced through method of CREATION verses DEMAND; each child is encouraged to have good behaviour and respect. The Little Ninja’s will experience positive interaction with others of their own age, develop motor skills through balance, control, co-ordination and fitness; and have excellent focus therefore increasing their attention span. Confidence will improve; Little Ninja drills are fun and easy to do. Our merit badge system is motivating and aids goal setting; as every 3 months graduations are performed for all parents to spectate and witness the improvement in their child. We hope to see you soon to enable us to demonstrate what we at Eclipse Academy have to offer.

Times for the classes are:  4 Year Olds – Mondays @ 5:00
                                              5 & 6 Year olds  –  Mondays 5:30,  Wednesdays @ 5:15,   –   Saturdays @ 11:00 & 11:45

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